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'Einnie-minnie-mo' is the best way to get yourself out of any problem. Ever. Use that shit whenever.

Or rub your eye when you have a cold.

Then you get an eye infection.


Did autocorrect fuck you up? Insouciant? LOL. I mean, that's a word but not used in the right context. Also, I kept telling you it was THIN fabric. They had that as a sweater but I thought the shirt was better because you can put a jacket over it or wear it out by itself, so it works either way.

Fuck my phone. Fucking mustard. 

YEAH. I like the tank a lot better. I’m sure the sweater was nice, but. This just fits so nicely. I can’t wait to wear it when warmer weather comes arounddd. Good thing we einnie-minnie-mo’ed that shit.